Jakup Ferri

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Value in the handmade

Around the time this work was made Jakup was researching the idea of the other, native arts and naïve painting. He became especially interested in how artists produce tapestries and glass works. Jakup sees a lot of value in works that are handmade. Textiles especially because of their intricacy and the raw nature they have at the same time.

When he was a young boy...

Jakup came into contact with textile arts. He started collecting old tapestries, looking for them on markets. Through his love of tapestries Jakup came up with the idea of having his drawings remade in tapestries. He has them made in his birthplace Prishtina (Kosovo) and in Maroijne (Suriname). In these places traditions of tapestry making have survived and traditional materials are used.

The artist

Jakup was born and raised in Kosovo. At the time the country was cut off from the rest of the world because the region was war struck. The war really changed Jakup and influences the art he makes.

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