Joel Morrison

Weather Balloon Trapped in a Shopping Cart

Did you know…

That 20,000 shopping carts are stolen in the Netherlands each year? Perhaps you know someone who has a shopping cart in the garden or the shed?


Joel compares his work to the way people from the US talk: "’You look amazing! We'll have to meet up really soon!’ an American might gush. But it doesn't mean that you really do look stunning or that you will actually meet up. It's a superficial way to start a conversation. My sculptures are the same. At first glance, they're merely gleaming and luxurious, but there's a much bigger message behind it. You only see that if you go beyond the first impression."

Take a moment

Joel wants visitors to take responsibility themselves by observing his art with care and dedication. "They have to take the time to focus on the details," says Joel.

What is a weather balloon, actually?

It's a balloon that is used for meteorological research. It's made of latex, a kind of rubber. A weather balloon contains all sorts of instruments. High up in the air, the balloon can take different measurements, for example temperature and humidity. 

Mirror, mirror…

With most artwork, you tend to see the art itself. You have the chance to have a good look and think about a piece. With this particular work, you see yourself reflected. Do you like it? Or does it bother you a bit?

Just imagine…

If the shopping cart did not gleam the way it does. What do you think it would look like?

About the shopping cart

This isn't the only artwork that's based on a shopping cart. There's another in the museum and it's a very special one! Have you seen it yet? It was created by Hungarian artist Tamás Kaszás. 


When you look at Joel's artwork, you see all sorts of deformities. There are lots. In a way, there's something diseased about them, like growths.

The inventor of the shopping cart

The shopping cart was invented by US businessman Sylvan Goldman. It was developed from a folding chair and was first used on 4 June 1937. The first child seat was introduced 10 years later, in 1947. That’s a long time ago, isn’t it?

Most shopping cart are made from wire. Some are plastic. The shopping cart was not an immediate success. Men felt they were too feminine, while women thought they looked too much like prams. Sylvan hired actors to use the carts, demonstrating how useful they were. So, the shopping cart became a hit after all. Sylvan’s invention made him a rich man. 

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