Atiena R. Kilfa

Untitled (Midnight Snack)

In the middle of the night

You sometimes see it in films: people who get out of bed to grab a quick snack from the fridge. A sudden craving that needs to be satisfied. We actually prefer to just roll over again and sleep it off.

Sweet tooth

The evening munchies are a different story. Try to resist that bag of crisps or the Twix if you can! If you want to get a good night’s sleep, snack on something light about an hour before you go to bed. A wholemeal cracker or a bowl of porridge apparently works wonders for sleep due to the ‘slow-burning’ carbohydrates. Unfortunately, chocolate and sweets don’t, alas...

Picture perfect

Midnight feasts may be bad for you, but other than that, this lady looks pretty perfect. Could she be a model?

How do you feel?

Yes indeed, how do you feel right now?

How do you think she is feeling? She doesn’t look particularly happy, just like her neighbour who has put her head in the dishwasher.


Dead behind the eyes, you say? That’s it: you’re getting warm! But there’s more going on here. Take another good look at this woman.

It looks like a doll!

Guess what? It is a doll! A mannequin to be exact.

Who would have thought?

A mannequin! How do you come up with such an idea! Do you think it could have something to do with her previous job?

Atiena R. Kilfa was born in Paris but now lives and works in Frankfurt. Before becoming an artist, she worked in the music and fashion industry.

Let me take a look inside your fridge...

Similar to the big kitchen on exhibition in this hall, the fridge tells the story of its owners. Let me take a look inside your fridge, and I will tell you exactly who you are.

Do you recognise some of the products in the fridge? And do you think your companion on this visit would be able to recognise you from just looking at the contents of your fridge?


Talking of refrigerators...

Have you met Junior by artist Rob Pruitt? He’s a refrigerator mounted on five snow boots. He’s really close by. Yes, him over there, the one wearing the big turquoise sun hat!


Can you see how the light beautifully catches the lady’s face and neck? Do try this at home: ask your housemate to stand in front of the fridge and take a photo. In front of a laptop or iPhone screen also works.


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