Michael Stubbs

Untitled (Cream)

Special equiment

The artist forced oil painting through cake decorating equipment. No wonder it looks tasty!

Minimal art

Michael choose to make his work foot square, as a reference to Minimalism.  

How it is made

This work is five layers deep. ‘I’d lay the stretched canvases out in a row and repeat the same patterns of squeezed oil paint across each canvas and while still wet lay one on top of another. They would take a couple of months to dry – it was only the oil paint holding them together to make sculptures.’

Painting is alive

Michael makes this work a few months after graduating from Goldsmiths Academy of Arts in London. It’s a reaction to the idea that painting is dead. Painting was out of fashion for a while. With this artwork, Michael wanted to show that you can actually make something with paint. Michael breathes new life into painting.

Kijk eens anders

Ask your fellow visitors to close their eyes. Describe an artwork. They may now open their eyes and try to guess which one it was.

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