Itamar Gilboa



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This artwork was made by the same artist as the one you see next to it. The gigantic cabinet filled with food and drinks made out of porcelain is not just linked to this work because they have the same maker. In a way these works are about the same topic. What you see here is a life-size copy of Itamar’s stomach covered in a layer of gold.


This golden stomach is part of a series of artworks called Body of Work. To make this series Itamar went through a series of MRI-scans after which he remade his organs true to size. For the LAM Itamar made this work in gold. The rest of the organs are silver. All of the organs are on there own pedestal, at the height where the organ is in Itamar’s body. The pedestal is as tall as he is. This makes this artwork kind of like a self-portrait.

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