Theo Triantafyllidis

Still Life with YumYums

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Never-ending story

This video artwork is a simulation, a recreation of reality. It is, in fact, a live simulation based on modified software, an adapted computer programme. As the programme runs and the video plays, the elements in Still Life with YumYums interact. Their own artificial intelligence drives them, which means the work is endless but never repetitive.

Legend of the Yumyums

Yumyums are a community of virtual creatures. They are governed by rules of ever-evolving algorithms and artificial life. The Yumyums live in a miniature landscape or island. These creatures, each with their own individual talents and personalities, are trying to survive in their universe and to procreate. The strongest ones will have children and pass on the DNA of both parents to their offspring. In the meantime, an oppressive tyrant is trying to dominate the Yumyums. They, in turn, are attempting to oust him.


Sometimes you see ‘Zzzzz’ in the picture. This means the Yumyum is sleeping

What does that phone mean?

The numbers on the phone screen show how many Yumyums are alive at that point, how many have died and what generation it is. The Yumyums’ reason for being is to mate and produce offspring. As the programme progresses, new generations become adapted to their environment. They are faster and more efficient compared to their ancestors. The phone follows their evolution. 

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