Scheltens & Abbenes

Soap Bars

More than meets the eye

How the image is made remains visible. Things used to support objects in the composition, little pieces of tape, the reflection of the camera and shadows they stay visible. Liesbeth and Maurice don’t remove them after the picture is taken. As a result there is much more to be discovered here than you might think.

Liesbeth & Maurice

Liesbeth Abbenes and Maurice Scheltens form the Dutch artist duo Scheltens & Abbenes. They have been partners in art and life since 2001.  They are internationally renowned for the commissions they have done for fashion houses, important designers and for magazines.

 For Liesbeth and Maurice the commissions are an invitation to look at things differently and they feel it gives them more freedom whereas others might see it as a restriction. 

Their work looks for the boundaries between art and commercialism.

Ask me anything

Want to know more about this work of art? Start a conversation with one of our employees or a visitor. They will be happy to share their knowledge and thoughts on this object. And to hear yours of course!

Everyone can take a photo

These days photography is accessible to everyone. The artist duo Scheltens & Abbenes think that the goal you want to reach with you photography is more important than the technique.

Kijk eens anders

If the artwork came to life, what do you think would happen?

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