Navid Nuur



It is the most popular snack in the movie theater. But do you know where popcorn originated? Popcorn has existed for thousands of years. In Peru over 6700 year old residue of popped corn was found.


Just like these kernels of corn Navid has gone through a lot of changes. In 1999 he started at the art academy in Utrecht. He did graphic design and illustration. Nowadays he makes art that is completely different like sculptures, installations and video art.

Water and fire

The art that Navid makes is often fleeting in nature. This is mostly because of the materials he uses, like water, fire and light. Navid makes impossible phenomena visible; things that you usually do not see because they happen to fast. Just like in this artwork in which you see popcorn being formed.

Sweet or salty

Everyone has a favorite. Sweet or salty. Which one is your favorite?


The name Navid means light in Arabic.

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Neat or messy?

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