Ariane Loze

Le Banquet

Loose parts

Ariane creates videowork in which she is the actrice, director and camerawoman. By editing the images a story is created. This is what she finds interesting. How separate images that have nothing to do with eachother, can create a story.

Me, myself and I

You keep seeing the same person over and over. But not quite. Ariane plays different parts and personalities. Does this story one take place in her head?

Are you listening?

All of them are talking. About work, love and everyday life. At one moment they don’t seem to be listening to eachother. But at another moment they do answer eachothers questions.

Feeling lucky

All characters are talking about their path to happiness. For one it’s all about meditating and another one can’t get enough of working out. Still they seem tense sometimes. What do you think about the mood at the dinner table?

Kijk eens anders

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