Ron van der Ende

Lambchop (Still life 2)


Before Ron starts on a new artwork he walks around his hometown, Rotterdam. He is always looking for old wood to use for his art. When he finds something he like he brings it to his workshop. Materials others throw away are valuable to Ron. He transforms trash into spectacular artworks. And he does not even paint the material he finds. Everything has its original color, just like how the artist found it.


This artwork is called Lambchop (Still life 2). When seeing that title you might wonder what Still life 1 looks like. The predecessor to this work was made in 2010. Just like this lambchop the work was made of old wood Ron found on the a walk around town. It is a rib-eye steak. It hangs in a restaurant in New York.


Sometimes meat is sold on the bone when you buy it. Meat supposedly tastier when you cook it with the bone in.

Years of experience

The artworks Ron makes are called perspective-wall sculptures. He has been making them of salvaged wood for years. Ron often delves into the past with his art. The works almost always have something to do with technological advancement. Things that we find normal today or things we have already forgotten about. Things like the first computer or the spaceship Apollo 11, that put the first man on the moon.


A lambchop at Slagerij Schel on the Kruiskade in Rotterdam was the inspiration for his artwork. By cutting the wood in to many small pieces Ron was able to recreate this piece of meat. How many nails and pieces of wood do you think Ron has used.

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