Peter Anton

Hollywood Assortment

What would this work of art smell like?

If it had a scent, would it be a yummy one? Or would it be intoxicating, with so many chocolates all together? Renzo Martens' artworks emit a scent from cocoa. Do you think this would smell the same?

Favourite painting

Peter would like to own The Night Café by Vincent van Gogh. The painting is in the Yale University Art Gallery collection. When Peter was growing up, he often viewed the painting. Along with his family, he regularly visited the gallery that housed the work. That’s how he became acquainted with art. "The Night Café is my favourite painting. The colours and the thick paint. Owning that painting would bring together the thrilling, important memories and the happy times that I cherish," says Peter. 

Button up

You probably know what brightly coloured novelty buttons look like. When they are all criss-crossed over each other, these chocolates look a bit like the buttons that you can sew on your clothes.

Where's Peter's favourite place to be?

"My favourite place is my studio, where I'm constantly challenged by experimenting. By using new materials and coming up with fresh ideas and techniques, I'm able to create every day and express myself through my art," explains Peter.

Time machine

Peter loves history and would like to go back in time. "It would not only be amazing to see a few of the greatest moments in history, but it would also be a fantastic source of inspiration. It would be enlightening as well, not least in terms of understanding yourself better by seeing your own past rather than taking part in it," says Peter. 


Peter's artworks can be found all over the world. They are on display in museums as well as in company and family collections. For example, the Jordanian royal family owns one of his works.

Sweet surrender

In 2012, Peter created an installation called SUGAR&GOMORRAH. It is an interactive sculpture, the first art installation in the world in which the viewer passes through an exhibition on an amusement park ride. It’s a real roller coaster. You twist and curl your way through a devastated city with tumbling pillars, flames and skeletons, interspersed with big sculptures of sweet treats and near-naked models. Can you imagine what it's like?

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