What I want, will arise from itself

By looking at a picture and thinking about it for a long time, you’ll notive more and more. You can even think of a story about it. What kind of story can you think off?

Standing out

Ossip often makes paintings with objects sticking out: wires, perfume bottles or lights. Around those objects he uses somber colors. Like black, white, grey and sometimes yellow.

New story

In his work Ossip uses cut out pictures. Sometimes these pictures will hang on his wall for years before he uses them. By making in into a new artwork, old photo’s get a new life.

Time machine

Pictures can be seen as a time machine. An image of a moment past, to which you can go back for a bit. The pictures Ossip uses, are going forward in time.


Ossip oftens uses pictures of different people in his work. Often they lie around for years in his studio. Waiting for a new place. Sometimes these portraits are life size. They keep the artist company like some sort of roommates.

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