Matthew Day Jackson


Golden oldies

This artwork was inspired by works by the famous sixteenth century Italian painter Guiseppe Arcimboldo.

MDJ Guiseppe

Guiseppe Arcimboldo Vertumnus (1591)

Arcimboldo with a twist

The artist of this work, Matthew Day Jackson, put his own spin on the work of his Italian predecessor. Literally. One of our staff members would love to show you. Go ahead, ask.


The materials that Matthew uses for his art are purposefully artificial. Formica, epoxy, lead and plywood. To Matthew these materials are connected to his past growing up in America. Formica for instance is a typically American material that is used in kitchens.

The artificial materials are a beautiful but stark contrast to the organic topic. Formica, epoxy, lead and plywood as opposed to fruits and vegetables.


Matthew became famous in the artworld with his flower still lives. These were also inspired by old masterpieces. This time however by seventeenth century Dutch flower still lives.

Matthew Day Jackson flowers

A family affair

According to Matthew making art is in his blood. His grandfather was an avid amateur photographer and carpenter beside his ‘normal’ job as a police officer. His cousin is a talented carpenter, just like his grandfather. Matthew says he can make anything you can think of. Matthew’s mom can also make anything, not out of wood, but out of fabric. She used to make all her kids’ clothes and can quilt like no other.

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