Tanja Ritterbex

Food Series


This series is about instagram. Tanja was annoyed by all the pictures of food she scrolled past. All the photos looked the same.

So she decided to draw a picture of her food every day and post it on Instagram.


All 365 images (and some more) made for the project can still be found on her instagram page, @tanjaritterbex.

You can see them all together under the hashtag #365caviarcollection.

This way you can see exactly what Tanja ate at May 29th.

Lady Gaga

Outrageous is probably the word most commonly used to describe Lady Gaga.

Tanja Ritterbex has been called the Lady Gaga of art. Glamorous in their appearance, exuberant in their work and almost the same age. But there is another similarity: both are extremely aware of the huge influence that the Internet has on young people in particular, and they play with this in their professional practice. 


Want to learn more about Tanja? 

Watch the vlog series she made for the Amsterdam Museum

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