Itamar Gilboa

Food Chain Project


When Gilboa had been in Amsterdam for a while, he began to think, I'm getting fatter! Although it came as a bit of a shock, he had been eating fatty foods and drinking lots of alcohol and soft drinks. So, he decided to keep a diary of everything he ate for a whole year, right down to every sugar cube.

How much?!

At the end of the year, Gilboa was totally shocked. He couldn’t believe how much he had eaten and drunk. How about 111 litres of red wine and 123 litres of Diet Coke? All that, while in the meantime, hundreds of millions of people around the world still suffer from hunger every single day.

A chain

Each and every cucumber, every banana and everything you see was eaten by Gilboa and has been reproduced in porcelain. "What I've eaten becomes art. And thanks to its sale value, it can be turned into food again," says Gilboa. His artwork becomes part of the food chain itself!

Keep your own diary

If you like what Itamar has done, you could try keeping your own diary. You might think that you don't really eat that much. But if you write it all down, you'll see that it's probably more than you thought!

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