Yael Laroes


Familiar face

Fun fact: this is the work of one of the LAM employees. Maybe you’ve already seen her walking around in the museum?


Yael takes photographs of herself in uncomfortable positions. She wants to show a struggle tot he audience. It’s about the struggle with her own body. She doesn’t want to make her body look better than it is.

Beauty standards

In the western world a slim figure is a beauty standard. People with a bigger body don’t fit the standards. Often it’s even seen as something negative. By taking pictures of herself Yael wants to show how uncomfortable being overweight can be.

Walking away

In her self portraits, Yael often stares directly into the camera. Which makes it harder for the viewer to escape from the image. Just like she can’t walk away from her own body and the judgements about it.

Kijk eens anders

Ask your fellow visitors to close their eyes. Describe an artwork. They may now open their eyes and try to guess which one it was.

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