Silvia Steiger


I can see clearly now

There ary plenty of artworks that give you a serious headache because they’re so complicated. You can’t figure out where to look. Or the story behind it doesn’t make sense. Do you feel this way about this artwork? Or are you able to see it clearly?


Sometimes people can see faces in different things. What’s causing this? It’s our brain that keeps on making connections. Research shows that neurotic people see faces in random things most often. Neurotic people can be nervous at times and are really sensitive to outside stimuli. Like sounds and light. Because they’re less emotionally stable, they see certain patterns more often than less neurotic people. So this is a way to tell how sensitive you are.

Raise the dough

There are many kinds of dough. Puff pastry, filo, brioche, pasta, foam. And if that’s not enough, there are even more kinds of dough, or pastry. And there is Silvia’s photograph, an artwork made of dough.


That’s the name of seeing figures and angelfaces in random shapes. You probably do this too sometimes, maybe when you’re looking at the clouds.

How many muscles does the face count?

43! Because of that, the amount of facial expressions are endless. Angry, sad, surprised, happy. Or a little sad and scared at the same time. The expressions never stop. If you look around, you can see all these differences in peoples faces.

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