Heather & Ivan Morison

Daughters are spoons, sometimes they grow into knives


It is a strong contrast. The pink and the black. The materials are different too. Just from looking at it, what do you think they are?

What's that smell?

This sculpture used to have a strong scent. It faded away. Just take a look at the blackened wood and you can imagine how it smelled.


The sculpture may look sweet and cheerful because of the pink donut. But the story behind it, is as black as her body. This work of art was part of an exhibition in the English city of Bristol. The exhibition was called Knives and Mothers. The sculptures and photos showed a story of domestic violence.


Heather & Ivan Morison is a British artist duo. They have been working together since 2003 on all kinds of projects. It’s not easy to describe their work. They explore the boundaries between art, architecture and theater. They mainly produce large sculptures and installations in public spaces, such as parks and squares.

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