Johannes Büttner



Johannes likes to work together with people from outside the artworld. From bodybuilders to pastry bakers; you name it. Do you think he worked together with others for this artwork? And with what kind of people?

Lost and found

Johannes often uses materials such as metal, concrete or random stuff he finds on the street for his artworks. That is also the case with this work. It consists of a picture that’s set up on a lightbox. The cord and the electric plug look like they’re almost falling apart. But they are still an important part of the work.


Bulldog is inspired by a series of performances called Peak Panic. In those performances Johannes talks about all kinds of emergencies that can happen. He also demonstrates several survival hacks and selfmade tools. He gets the information for this from the so called ‘prepper forums’. Preppers are people who prepare for doomsday, the day that the world will come to an end. They have a giant stock filled with practical supplies and canned food. And they also share practical advice.

Do it yourself

The thing that fascinates Johannes the most, are the ‘do it yourself’ solutions that preppers come up with. This photograph shows a selfmade oven, consisting of a can of Bulldog energydrink and a tin can. Perfect for making popcorn. The idea is nice, but is it really usefull? Johannes let’s you be the judge of that.

Kijk eens anders

Artists used this to create depth in the painting. But they also did it to show that they were very good at painting different tex

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