Makiko Azakami

Bon Appétit!

Bon appétit

This means: enjoy your meal. In Japanese, you say yoi shokuji o motte imasu. Or did you already know that?


You see bright colours and shapes in this piece and a lot of details. That makes it very Japanese. 

What does Makiko need to make art?

Surprisingly, not that much. Coloured paper, scissors, tweezers, glue and double-sided adhesive tape. And her imagination. 

Production of art

Each year, Makiko makes about a hundred works of art out of paper. Many of these works are commissioned by all kinds of clients in the advertising and publishing world.


The Japanese are fond of the miniature. Makiko also likes to miniaturise things. This makes her pieces playful and sometimes also vulnerable.

Studio Ghibli

Do you know this? It’s a Japanese film studio. It looks a bit like Makiko’s art. 

Studio Ghibli Azakami

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Dit is een eerste kijktip in het Engels

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