Alicja Kozłowska


On loan

Before this artwork became part of our collection it was on loan at LAM through Jouw Kunst in het LAM or Your Art in the LAM. This means that this artwork was not a part of our collection but that it was recommended by one of our visitors. Do you also have an idea for a loan for us, let us know. It could be anything, an artwork in the collection of a different museum, something you have hanging above your couch at home or something you have created yourself. Send it to us through

Crossing borders

Alicja lives and works in Poland. A friend of hers visited us and told her about the LAM and Jouw Kunst in het LAM. She sent in her work, got selected, sent her artworks to us in the mail and now you can see and admire it here.

Childhood obsession

From a young age Alicja has been fascinated by popart. Now that she is an artist herself, it is still her biggest source of inspiration. The art movement that was hot and happening in the 1950’s in the US and the United Kingdom. One of the most famous of all time was part of this movement: Andy Warhol. Even if you don’t know his name you have probably seen his work. His portraits of Marilyn Monroe are world famous. Just like his Campbell soup cans. The LAM has one in collection, currently not on display.



Andy Warhol's portrait of Marilyn Monroe

A different look

Mass production and consumption fascinate Alicja. She remakes many famous product from big brands like bottles of soda from Coca Cola and Heinz ketchup bottles. Everything she remakes is true to size. She calls this series embroidered ordinariness. By using different fabrics, colored thread, labels, pieces of newspaper and foil Alicja shows us how special everyday objects can be. She wants you to look differently at the things that we always take for granted.

Passion for textiles

Alicja has a passion for textile art and the materials with which she works. She started out crocheting, then she moved on to embroidery and nowadays she uses a technique called quilting. Quilting is a technique in which different fabrics get sewn on top of each other. This artwork was made from cotton, felt and thread.

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