Kira Fröse

Ancient superfood

On holiday

For this artwork Kira bought a candy machine. It reminded her of holidays with her family on a campsite in the Netherlands. On the campsite there were always candy machines filled with chewing gum and toys.

Hit or miss

Have you ever played on a claw machine at a carnival or an amusement park? And did you get the prize you wanted? Kira never got the toy she wanted out of the machine. It only left her with lots of chewing gum.


What to do with all this gum? Kira decided to put it back into the machine. Do you think anything can come out now?

Sweet tooth

Do you see the gums that seems to be pouring out of the machine? Within that piece of gum there is actual candy. Kira made a mix of sugar, syrup and water. Then she shaped it like a gum and coated it with plastic.

Opposites attract

Kira’s work is full of contrasts: familiar and unknown, movement and stagnation, beauty and ugliness. Can you see some of these contrast in the artwork?


Together with Kira we hid some of the chewing gums from this the machine. They are everywhere in the museum and even outside. Can you find them? We’ll give you one hint: Kira likes things that are unexpected, surprising or even a little bit disgusting.

Kijk eens anders

What would you change about the artwork and why?

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