Juliette Warmenhoven

Aardappel op sterk water


Did you know that potatoes can continue to grow when they are taken out of the earth, even without light and water? Potatoes use themselves as a food source. Juliette forces the potatoes to eat themselves. The manipulation of nature is a common theme in her work.


Plants and animals have been preserved in spirits since the 17th century. Amsterdam anatomist Frederik Ruysch became world famous through his use of this technique. The spirits initially consisted of 60% alcohol. At the end of the 19th century, however, people began to use formalin, a water solution of the gas formaldehyde. It enables plants, animals and organs to be preserved and studied for years.

Rotten fish

Species preserved in spirits are chiefly those with soft tissues, such as spiders and fish. Artist Damien Hirst preserved an enormous tiger shark in formaldehyde. However, it was not properly preserved. In 2006, it was replaced by a different shark.



Nature is a great source of inspiration for Juliette. Even as a child, she created art from branches and leaves found in her back garden. Juliette marvels at their beauty and unpredictability. Nature does what it wants to do.

Mass production

Juliette's father cultivates flower bulbs. Although people often have a romantic image of farm life, her father says that these days it is more like factory work. Tulip bulbs are produced at a fast pace, the more the better. Juliette asserts that making a perfect finished product has become more important than the actual growing process. She therefore wants to showcase the growth itself.

Frozen in time

This potato has started to sprout, just like the potatoes in Juliette's photos and is growing in every direction. The formaldehyde has frozen this process. Juliette has taken the potato out of its natural environment. This changes the meaning: you look at a potato in a glass jar differently to how you view a potato in the supermarket or on your plate. Exactly what the LAM is all about.

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